Cocomore becomes member of W3C

Collaboration in international Web standardization projects

Frankfurt/Main, 03 April 2012 - Cocomore AG has joined the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the international standards organization of the World Wide Web. As part of the W3C, the communication and technology agency, headquartered in Germany, will work on standards and software which support multilingual capabilities of web technologies.

“Language barriers are a major challenge for efficient international communication by companies, brands, and media. In the future, content management systems and other elementary technologies on the Web shall become more multilingual through the new standards”, says Cocomore CEO Hans von Freyberg.

Some 300 companies and institutions around the world are members of the W3C. Among them are companies like Apple, IBM, Microsoft, SAP or Sony. The W3C has standardized widely used technologies such as HTML, XML or CSS.