Aussie is a young and unconventional hair care brand from Down Under. It perfectly represents authentic individuality and the Australian surfing lifestyle. To further enhance its brand reputation, Aussie was in need for a campaigning idea. Our Task: To get women from 18 to 28 into Aussie – a young and unconventional brand. At the commercial launch only one supplier offered Aussie products in Germany. Therefore we needed to integrate it in the process of conception and implementation.


Cocomore created an involving campaign idea, which appealed the Aussie fans for action: Show us your personal “aussiegewöhnliches” (German for extraordinary/special) talent!
The campaign was divided into three phases:
The Aussie Ride Event in Düsseldorf: Young, female Aussie fans had to balance 60 seconds on a shaking surfboard right in front of the supplier’s flagship store. After succeeding the shaky ride, an Aussie VW Bully bus arrived surprisingly at the store. Five hot Aussie surfing guys jumped out, cheered the female competitors with dance moves and handed over Aussie beauty packages. Of course we recorded the best moments on tape. Moreover, we filmed five additional videos, in which respectively one Aussie surfer is showing his special talent.
The Aussie Challenge: We uploaded the videos from the Aussie Ride Event in Düsseldorf on YouTube and other social media platforms and challenged the users to make their own videos of their “special” or “aussiegewöhnliches” talents and send it to Aussie.
The Voting: Out of 128 video submissions Aussie selected five finalists. With each of these five finalists Aussie made a video, in which they could show their talent in a professional manner. In connection to the Aussie Community was asked to vote for their favorite talent. The final winner was rewarded with the first prize: an Aussie VW Bully bus!
The campaign exceeded Aussie’s expectations by far. The videos reached more than half a million viewers. Thereby Cocomore’s campaign achieved to create hundreds of thousands positive brand experiences and to further push the brand’s reputation and attractiveness.