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Germany is the second largest market for trips to northern Australia. Speed was one requirement of a marketing campaign for Australia’s Northern Territory; they needed conception, creation, and technical implementation of a complete website within only three weeks.
Responsive Web Design was a must for the site, which should encourage visitors to travel to northern Australia. In addition, it was necessary to design the website for the entire European market. It needed to be possible to customizes pages with little effort, while each European country site should offer the same look and feel.


First Cocomore made ​​sure that the website could be easily used and attractively displayed on all mobile devices. The homepage made use of emotional images to thrill visitors with the diversity of the Northern Territory. The menu displays previews of the sub-pages.
Our development team built a flexible teaser management system; following the three-click rule, one can filter to “activities” of natural and cultural in the Northern Territory. To be prepared for the entire European market, a multi-site set-up was implemented where each page can be translated into different languages, ​​quickly and efficiently, in the same CMS (Content Management System).
The Sitecore CMS was chosen as the technical basis of the site since it provided optimal conditions for the implementation of the desired features, for instance the strict modularization of the implementation and global, hierarchical content management with simple access methods. These features make it possible, with minimal implementation effort, to produce different representations (e.g., teaser image, teaser text, and detail pages) from centrally-maintained content and flexibly use it, as needed, on the website. So Sitecore brings powerful tools for the efficient implementation of a diversified custom website, while also efficiently supporting device optimization and the creation of international websites on a common code-base; it was a good choice for this project.