BioConstruct is a medium-sized company based in northern Germany. They build and install turnkey biogas plants, systems which are characterized by high stability and profitability, important points for today’s farmers, because, as a business owner, you need to plan with foresight. It’s especially important for a high-priced project, like a biogas plant, that the investment can be depended on for future generations. Therefore BioConstruct wanted their communication to make it clear, above all else: a great idea to earn more money from a farm is investing in a BioConstruct biogas plant. We needed to convey this message in an attention-catching manner, and within a manageable budget.


For both reasons of cost and because today’s farmers spend a lot of professional and personal time on the computer, we opted for a viral concept, utilizing a proven tool for successful viral communication: humor. We invented a character, Farmer Harms, who was searching for a way to earn more money from his farm. To spread the message and help minimize losses among farmers, we worked in cooperation with agricultural blogs, agricultural magazines, and agricultural suppliers. Linking from their websites, our viral campaign brought viewers to an entertaining Farmer Harms microsite which linked to the BioConstruct landing page. Result: Over 95,000 saw the viral campaign and thousands landed on the BioConstruct site. You can learn more from our entertaining case video.