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The drug store chain dm set their sight on giving consumers an understanding of sustainability in a playful way. Thereby they wanted to show how easy sustainable acting basically is – from the purchase decision to the product usage. They requested learning features, positive virality and social impact: The more people participate, the more can be achieved together. The game should be self-explaining, compact and exciting at once. Additionally a donation campaign should be integrated and the further extension of the game should be enabled.


Cocomore developed “Mission Morgen” for the customer, an app with positive nature. The players operate hand in hand, not against each other. Another positive experience is offered by the visual progress. The landscape starts off simple and gets more colorful and varied the further the player proceeds in the game. The player can accept twelve sustainability challenges, which support the environment. Furthermore the app offers 24 quiz packages and a mini game with addiction potential the potential for addiction. On top of that a joint donation campaign of dm and P&G has been integrated in the game.

Cocomore showed multiple competencies within this project: from concept, design and editorial to backend development on the basis of Drupal and frontend composition with ngCordova, AngularJS and Ionic. The result is a gaming app for smartphones with iOS or Android as operating system. A special highlight: The design in felt-look particularly addresses the target audience and underlines the sustainability character. Thematically “Mission Morgen” is divided up into the elements earth, fire, air and water. Those are represented by four animalistic messengers. All in all a setting that makes sustainability accessible to the user in a charming and playful way. In total it is educational and entertaining at once.