Ellviva  |  E-COMMERCE


Ellviva is a portal that provides expert advice and support in a variety of health and nutrition topics. Health counselor portals are a very promising market, but also very competitive. Our task was to position and establish Ellviva as a new competitor in this environment. An important point here: In the health field, as many users as possible should be informed about benefits of medicines for their condition, then directed to appropriate e-commerce offerings.


Cocomore created a portal with more than 100,000 high-quality editorial content pages, including more than 60,000 on health topics. A central part of the site’s health information is a drug database with semantic search, which allows users to enter symptoms and then get information about diseases and appropriate medications with equally appropriate placement of e-commerce related to the retrieved information. This was successful in taking users from a relatively open initial state (a question about disease symptoms for which they wanted information) through to clicking on an offer and making a purchase. Attracting more visitors was achieved with high-quality editorial content and good search engine optimization.