Induwell  |  MOBILE


Diabetics need to track exactly what and how much they eat and drink. Only with this knowledge, can they plan their next meals and keep their insulin at the optimum level. A mobile application for smartphones and tablets did not yet exist when we started working on this project. But we didn’t just want to be the first; we wanted to create a solution that would set the standard, an easy-to-use app in which diabetics could document all ingested food and drink in appropriate units and put that information directly into relationship with individualized nutritional recommendations. In addition, all foods, from apple to zucchini, needed to be evaluated in terms of their suitability for diabetics.


The Induwell app, which can be downloaded and used, free of charge, set new standards for both functionality and usability. When entering food data into the app, users simply have to use appropriate and available units. They don’t not need to know how much an apple weighs or how many milliliters are in a tablespoon of oil or in a glass of orange juice, as other applications require. And the user can instantly and easily recognize, for example, which snacks to favor, from the comparison function. In addition, it’s possible to create a personalized nutritional profile, calculate carbohydrate intake, and make use of a collection of specially-selected, diabetic-friendly recipes. The clear structure, intuitive user interface, and the sophisticated search function, all ensure that diabetics quickly find their way within the app and, therefore, are happy to use it.