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Retail margins are small. This is also true in E-Commerce. Winning customers, tough price competition and logistics costs put pressure on the economic result. It is all the more important for online stores to tap other sources of revenue through the sale of goods. Kairion helps online stores to generate significant additional revenue from display advertising, product placement and couponing. For this purpose, Kairion needed a new technical platform, which would meet the requirements of shops as well as those of the advertising economy.


We have developed a platform that on the one hand allows online stores to efficiently conduct so-called advertising cost allowance actions (where an advertising cost allowance is granted by shop suppliers). These actions are performed as display advertising, product placement, and discount coupons automatically via the Kairion platform. At the same time they can be managed and billed from the online shops. On the other hand, the platform creates the possibility for agencies or the marketing departments of advertising companies to place big advertising campaigns in online shops. Besides many unique features, which we developed especially for the needs of online shops, the platform comprises all features of modern AdServers. On top of this it adds an unprecedented transparency to the effect of display advertising, product placement and couponing on shopping carts and advertising KPIs. Kairion is used by many leading online stores. To make Kairion easily linkable to shops, we have developed special connectors for shop systems based on PHP (Magento, oxide), .NET and Java.
In addition, we have built a web site including responsive design for Kairion.