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Procter & Gamble publishes “for me”, a quarterly magazine with an impressive circulation of 3.5 million. Our task was to expand and strengthen the personal and direct customer relationship with all the latest options for interactivity that the Web offers. The target group was clearly defined: confident women, aged 25-49 years with above-average household income; successful “multi-tasking managers” of their families who care about quality, while still being budget-minded.


We began by creating a new for me website, where we introduced exciting high-quality editorial content covering three important topic sections. Reviews of P&G products are presented in the “Stiftung Warentest” section. The “Products, Testing & Reviews” section provides a place for customers to openly express their opinions of P&G products and provide feedback and recommendations. And for the “Product Ambassador” section, we created a place for satisfied users of P&G products to provide their testimonials. Contests and promotions, such as “Product parties”, complete the for me package, with additional support from a newsletter program with over 3 million subscribers and a Facebook presence. We also added cross-media optimization to the existing for me magazine and created coherent, related media channels. We’ve been designing, implementing, and evaluating all of these means of communication for over 9 years and our experience is proven by the measurable success of the for me project; for me is the second most popular women’s portal in Germany, ahead of Brigitte and Bunte!