A CRM programme for the online pharmacy was to be set up.
However not all future requirements could be defined precisely when the project started. This is why it was important to develop a program step by step and in a cost-efficient way. It had to be possible to adapt the program flexibly to new requirements. Yet even with plans for continuous optimization, the focus was still on generating positive results quickly.


In the first step a new customer newsletter program was set up. This was when Cocomore's experience with editing and newsletter design entered into the game. Result: Already the first newsletter of the new program was opened significantly more often than the old one. The click-through-ratio could even be doubled to quadrupled with respect to segments. Thus the shop of receives a lot more newsletter traffic than before. After the subsequent analysis, further optimizations were implemented immediately for the following newsletters. This lead to a further improvement of results. The segmentation is currently being expanded according to demographic criteria. It is also supplemented with specific programs matching buying behaviour based on shop data.
A MySQL database with a slim, easy-to-use interface and a connection to a SugarCRM system with basic configuration form the technical background.