Nestlé Ernährungsstudio  |  BRAND MANAGEMENT


The Nestlé Nutrition Center, Nestlé’s central CRM platform and one of the largest health and nutrition portals in Germany, wanted efficient ways to attract new visitors. They wanted to generate high-quality addresses without a lot of wasted revenue spent in marketing and they wanted better performance than in previous, existing channels like SEO, SEA, and display advertising.


Based on our e-commerce experiences, we developed an affiliate marketing strategy to reward lead generation, which was incorporated into the overall Nestlé Nutrition Center media strategy. Communication was brought to the forefront of the Nestlé Nutritional Coach. Then the partner strategy was introduced via two affiliate marketing platforms, focusing on high-quality sites frequented by their target groups and other topic-related environments. The affiliate marketing as a performance marketing strategy prevailed as a top lead supplier for the Nestlé Nutrition Studio, with a significantly lower cost-per-lead than in comparable channels.