Nestlé Schöller  |  SOCIAL MEDIA


The Schöller brand’s media presence was stuck in the past with two primary means of communication: an image-driven cinema spot and point-of-sale promotions. So Schöller was looking for a way to quickly and inexpensively connect with their customer-base and win new fans of their ice cream. They wanted to broaden their range of communication while also building their brand’s personality. In addition, they wanted to improve dialogue with their customers, including, for example, involving them in the product development process. Another goal was that their new communications channel serve as a versatile platform for launching new flavors of ice cream.


Cocomore designed an extensive Facebook strategy and established the Nestle-Schöller Facebook page as a central platform for marketing communications. In order to begin a genuine dialogue with the customers, we provided a voice for Sunny Schöller, the ice cream truck. Using charm and humor, Sunny introduces new products, exciting contests, and the secrets of ice cream. Sunny’s stories and surprises help build a fan-base and participation in the brand and conjures smiles all around. The strategy works: Schöller fans are now in six digits and many of their fans actively participate in events on Schöller’s Facebook page.