OTTO is Germany’s largest online fashion and lifestyle retailer. Since OTTO’s founding as a mail order company more than 60 years ago, they have always kept open lines of communication with their customers. These days, their central platform for customer dialogue is Facebook, where they have 500,000 loyal and dedicated fans who interact with the OTTO brand. The challenge was to find a special and memorable way to celebrate their third Facebook birthday with these fans. What could they do which would hopefully also increase their fans’ brand involvement and also win many more new fans of the OTTO brand?


A birthday calls out for a gift idea. But sometimes it is not enough to simply give someone a gift. Since gift-giving only reaches one person, we wanted to find a creative alternative that could reach more people. So we conceived a birthday app with a viral mechanism; which, of course, fits naturally into the birthday story. Under the theme “birthday gifts”, fans could open a gift from OTTO each day. If the gift’s wrapping paper was removed and the recipient could see the gift, they had directly won. But if they removed the wrapping paper and found another wrapped gift inside, what they had was a “chance of winning”. If they passed this to a friend and if the package was a winner, then both the original recipient and their friend had won. A few statistics from our birthday game: 60,000 packets were opened, 50,000 packages were sent to friends. And we found 10,000 new fans for OTTO in just one week!