Pampers is the largest and most popular diaper brand. Against the backdrop of rising commodity prices, growing competition from private labels, and high market transparency, it was necessary to find new ways to strengthen the brand and, at the same time, to effectively and efficiently exploit new opportunities in the digital domain.


Cocomore designed a comprehensive digital strategy to adjust to the new and growing demands of the Pampers online audience. This involved a detailed investigation of how today’s parents inform themselves about diapers, how and where they make purchasing decisions, and which criteria play an essential role. This analysis resulted in a comprehensive set of concepts, which intelligently combine CRM, eCommerce, and mobile technologies. The proposed concepts were implemented step-by-step, leading to the fact that Pampers now has strong and efficient online points of contact with their customer-base, helping them open up completely new opportunities. This included a highly successful rich mobile app, sophisticated new online marketing techniques, and the migration of a traditional print coupon program to a new online-based solution. Cocomore placed special emphasis on a combination of emotional and rational speech in the campaign: rational where we wanted to express the clear advantages of Pampers in terms of functionality and quality, and emotional where we wanted to form images of the Pampers world. The result: Pampers is now well prepared for the challenges and opportunities of media, present and future.