The Bauer Digital KG commissioned Cocomore for the design and implementation of their health portal, “PraxisVITA”. The main objective of the PraxisVITA project was to build the most successful online health-related platform. To achieve this ambitious goal, during the initial design phase, three main requirements were identified for a successful health platform:

> Highly current, relevant content
> Intuitive operation on all devices
> Integration of relevant value-added services, such as
    pharmacy search or pollen forecast

Cocomore was able to manage these requirements within the very short, two-month project duration, from the start of design, to implementation, and going “live”.


As the starting point for development, Drupal 7 with a responsive layout was chosen to meet the challenge. Drupal 7 offers an excellent backend interface, which we could  use to begin providing the editorial content, just days after the start of development. So Cocomore was able to keep the 15-member editorial team working even during the technical implementation of the portal, creating the more-than-2,000 articles which would make up the system.
To avoid inconsistent content, Cocomore ensured in the CMS that only allow one editor could work on a given article at the same time.The content is not only accessible through the site’s navigation, but also employs SOLR-based full -text search, including automatic search term suggestions. This helps minimize required keyboard entry, which greatly improves the user experience on mobile devices.
For the responsive layout, three “breakpoints” were defined in order to best optimize for the specific needs of users at their desktop computers, users on tablets, and users on smartphones. The pages continuously scale between these breakpoints. For efficiency reasons, Cocomore collaborated with various relevant external partners to integrate additional information. For example, the external pharmacy search leverages the power of Google Maps to allow users to provide maximum utility for the user.