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"The daily difference" is the uniting theme in Procter & Gamble’s multi-brand marketing campaign running through the summer of 2013; the idea is that common, everyday things, like the laundry detergent you use, can be the cause of extraordinary life events. So you remember Ariel, not only for the cleanliness and bright colors of your favorite t-shirt, but you also associate Ariel with memories of your first successful date; an unforgettable experience you had while wearing that shirt. In this sense, all of P&G’s brands and products contribute to the “daily difference”. They not only solve our daily challenges, but also add emotional value. Conveying this idea was the goal—a funny little film would be the vehicle.


Starting point was the film-concept of the global agency partners. In this concept a baby, speaking with the voice of a woman, comments the challenges its family has to face in life – and how P&G solves them. Using the existing graphical material, we have created a different and decidedly independent visual and verbal tonality. The goal: maximizing virality and thus gaining the greatest possible reach. And of course we wanted the “daily difference” to be a memorable part of the scene. With cinematographic finesse, new scored music for the film, and a recognizable voice “lent” for our little actor—one which the audience will recognize immediately—this engaging film has already reached over 2.2 million viewers on Youtube. In the meantime, five new episodes were produced and released, and millions of people are thrilled about “Baby Brown Eye’s” adventures again.

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