Brand management

Never before were there so many brands, never before was the battle for attention and sympathy of customers harder than today. And it isn’t enough just to rely on being a great brand. Brand growth or the defense of brand territories, both strategies require sound and sustainable brand management methods. For us, this begins with the understanding of the core of a brand and the brand values. For the communication with customers we develop them into a brand or product message. We always make sure that these strategies are insight-based and relevant for people. At the same time, we ensure that they are is cross-channel and the brand story is told consistently. In this context we offer the following skills and services:

  • strategic planning
  • data mining
  • business cases
  • information architecture
  • art & design
  • copywriting
  • editorials
  • print production
  • rich media production
  • BioConstruct

  • Aussie

  • Pampers

  • Procter & Gamble

  • Weltkulturen Museum

  • DrupalCon

  • Nestlé Ernährungsstudio