Our understanding of e-commerce goes far beyond providing performant transaction platforms on the web. Building on excellence in all processes, functionalities and services successful online shop solutions differ from competitors by differentiating positioning and commication that focuses on target groups.

We’re in charge of e-commerce projects for online retailers and manufactures in B2C and B2B markets. We assist our clients in strategy development, conceptual design, planning, implementation and operations.

Our core competence, IT and communication under one roof, ensures the optimal combination of shop content (product attributes, product descriptions, images, rich media, editorial content) and functions (guided search etc.).

For established online shops, we offer the enrichment and refinement of product information and a complete product data management. Furthermore, we develop communication strategies for customer acquisition and customer retention, and we realize technically challenging individual projects.

E-Commerce consulting

  • e-commerce strategies
  • creative main ideas
  • multi-channel concepts
  • marketplace concepts
  • technological evaluations
  • product data enrichment


Information architecture and design

  • visual identity / CI
  • web design
  • conversion optimization



  • implementing and customizing shop systems
  • individual application development in PHP, .NET, Java
  • interface development and integration
  • support for applications and operating systems
  • Ellviva

  • Kairion

  • Medikamente-per-klick.de