Our IT service portfolio has a clear business focus: digital communication. We develop software for interactive digital channels like the web, mobile or social media. This increasingly includes ambient media, print and TV media.

Based on our holistic approach, a software project starts with a deep understanding of the business objectives of our clients and the needs of their customers. Therefore, our IT department includes not only system developers but specialists for consulting, application design & content, frontend production and project / process management. In addition, our IT specialists work closely together with Cocomore experts of brand management, e-commerce, social media, mobile, CRM and performance marketing. In this way we ensure that business requirements are captured exactly and translated into a technological requirement catalog. We ensure, that there isn’t just an IT-view on all requirements but rather a view from all relevant perspectives: stakeholder within the company, ergonomics, total-cost-of-ownership. With this approach we ensure that the software later optimally serves the business objectives of our clients.

We develop in our offices in Frankfurt and Seville base on a wide spectrum of technologies: from PHP to .NET, from Salesforce to Sharepoint, from Sitecore to Drupal, from MySQL to CouchDB. We are specialized in implementation of cross-device applications.

With internal and external research projects, including projects for the EU, regular trainings and certifications, we make sure that our employees are technologically up to date. To support projects, we have access to a large network of specialists based on our involvement in various community programs.

In addition, Cocomore participates in strategic developer conferences and holds lectures and workshops on an international level.

Besides, Cocomore cooperates with several external specialists. We are official partners of Salesforce and Sitecore, and in the range of e-Commerce, we are an official Drupal Commerce Delivery Partner. Furthermore, Cocomore is an official Adobe Technology Partner.

Our broad technical expertise ensures that we are able to develop and implement effective solutions for a variety of tasks. We benefit from our high level of project management experience and industry knowledge, our high quality standards and the usage of agile process models, in particular SCRUM.


  • requirement analysis
  • planning and conception
  • technical conception
  • IT consulting (incl. TCO-analysis and code reviews)


Application design & content

  • interface design (user-centered design)
  • information architecture (wireframing)
  • Interactive content


Development (backend, frontend)

  • content management (e.g. Drupal, Sharepoint, Sitecore, Typo3)
  • social nedia apps
  • CRM (e.g. Salesforce)
  • e-commerce (e.g. Magento, Drupal Commerce, OXID)
  • intranet / extranet presences
  • PIM / DAM
  • mobile apps (Android, iOS, hybrid and responsive)



  • .NET
  • PHP (incl. Frameworks like Zend, Symfony, HipHop)
  • Erlang
  • Java
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Javascript
  • MySQL, MS SQL, CouchDB, MongoDB, Oracle
  • Apache, NGINX, MS IIS


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  • PraxisVITA


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