Drupal - powerful Open Source CMS based on PHP

Drupal - powerful Open Source CMS based on PHP

The Cocomore AG (located in Frankfurt) has used Drupal to develop sites of any size for many years now. From the beginning, we were impressed by the easy-to-use but powerful CMS. And we still are! In particular, with respect to standard feature-set, total-cost-of-ownership, speed of development, flexibility, robustness and security for the future, Drupal is unique. We are, therefore, actively involved in the Drupal community and to promoting the continued development of this PHP-based content management system (CMS), both through improvements to the Drupal core, as well as with extensions (modules). Due to our large number of experienced Drupal developers, Cocomore is one of the leading and largest Drupal agencies in Germany and Spain.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is one of the largest and most widely-used Open Source CMSs worldwide. Among other well-known open source CMSs, such as WordPress, Joomla or Typo3, Drupal has established its place among the great systems in recent years: More than one million websites are developed with Drupal, plus an large number of unknown sites, such as corporate intranets. In addition, the CMS has one of the largest and most active developer communities.

Benefits of Drupal compared to other CMSs

The biggest advantages of Drupal are the great flexibility and the variety of extensions (modules).
Functionalities that are not part of the Drupal core are easily added with modules.

Drupal is suited to sites of all kinds, from small corporate sites to very large and complex web applications (such as product catalogs, vertical portals, multi-lingual multi-site platforms or corporate intranets). Because it is not just a CMS such as WordPress, a lot of Web Blogs are created with it. Rather Drupal represents a very comprehensive and powerful framework that allows every possible requirement to be flexibly implemented, quickly and inexpensively.

The main focus is on interactive web sites, so-called Web 2.0 and 3.0 applications where users can directly interact with the website by writing, e.g. comments, or uploading images, etc.

Drupal is also useful for social media; it is simple to integrate and interact with any popular social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest). Due to the large community, with a variety of developers, we can count on always having a simple connection to the Twitter of the future. In a current selection of over 25,000 modules, there is almost always a good solution for customer requirements. And for truly custom logic or behavior a site might require, custom module development allows doing it all with Drupal.

Using Drupal is free of charge

As an open source system, Drupal is licensed under the GPL. Drupal is open source so everyone can download the source code of the system and edit it. The big advantage: There are no license costs for the actual system, neither for the provision nor for the ongoing operation.

Drupal is flexible

Drupal is based on the LAMP stack, i.e., it normally uses Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

With the exception of PHP, all components are interchangeable. Thus, for example, an Oracle database, a Windows SQL database, or even a document-based, non-relational “NoSQL” database, like Mongo or Couch DB might be used. Alternatively, the complete system can be installed on a Windows Server. Drupal is very flexible and meets all requirements for high availability solutions, a fact already proven out by a number of large websites, including Examiner.com and WhiteHouse.gov, among others.

Drupal is safe

Although Drupal is open source software, it is not created by hobbyists. Developers, worldwide, working for numerous agencies, count on the CMS for their security of their Web applications. The developer community has its own security team, which focuses only on the security of Drupal core and the provided (contrib) modules. The Drupal core code suppresses demonstrable security issues as they are defined by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). Drupal is used by many large and security-conscious companies, as well as governments, such as the U.S. government. Even in Germany, Drupal enjoys increasing popularity in government circles:  https://groups.drupal.org/government-sites.

Cocomore is Drupal Commerce Delivery Partner

Due to our positive experiences with Drupal, we decided to use the open source software Drupal Commerce for the realisation of e-Commerce projects. Drupal Commerce offers many advantages, especially with regard to the implementation of attractive content like videos and 3-D-animations. In November 2014 Cocomore became an official Drupal Commerce Delivery Partner of the company Commerce Guys (https://commerceguys.com). In cooperation with Commerce Guys we pursue the advancement and distribution of Drupal Commerce for e-Commerce projects.

Cocomore is one of the leading full-service Drupal agencies

Acquia (http://acquia.com), a global service agency, stands behind the Drupal CMS and offers numerous services. Cocomore is an official Acquia partner,  (https://www.acquia.com/partners/showcase/cocomore-ag), is a featured Drupal service provider (https://drupal.org/marketplace/cocomore), and also provides complete service and support related to Drupal. We are always up-to-date, thanks to our very good connections in the global community.


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Areas of application

  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Media & Publishing
  • Governments
  • Portals
  • Multilingual solutions
  • product databases
  • search applications
  • Banking and Finance
  • E-commerce
  • Health
  • Industry and crafts
  • Non-profit
  • Trading
  • Tourism industry


Benefits & Solutions:

  • Cost optimization: Drupal is free
  • One of the world's largest CMS (> 1 million sites)
  • Community with> 1 million developers worldwide
  • Future proof
  • High flexibility
  • Fast availability of new functions / features
  • Easy adaptation to customer needs
  • Flexible, comprehensive, and versatile framework
  • Over 25,000 free extensions (modules)
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Efficient
  • Complex search mechanisms
  • Scalable and highly available
  • Safe


Services of Cocomore:

  • Consulting
  • Support
  • Conception
  • Design / Layout
  • Migration from previous versions and other systems
  • Development
  • Site Building
  • Operation, maintenance and updates
  • Optimization
  • Performance analysis and optimization
  • Security analysis and optimization
  • Hosting