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Loved and hated: Social media can be a blessing or a curse for many companies and brands – and sometimes a bit of both at the same time. So, it’s important that your social media activities reveal a clear concept – with attractive content that offers added value and enjoyment to the target group.


The trick is to offer special content that moves the fans AND contributes to the business objectives – on a regular basis and over a long period of time. Many brands must face this challenge and it can’t be met by simply setting up a Facebook page. Got a Facebook profile of your own? Then you know all about the daily bombardment with a huge amount of content, which you have to scan and filter to match your interests and requirements.

Wagner Facebook Page


Our goal: To create relevant Wagner Pizza content that showcases the brand in the social networks; content which is really perceived and is gladly shared – binding the user to the brand in the long term. Good stories and songs have a common denominator; they remain in our memories, since all it takes is a certain picture or sound to evoke certain emotions. We’ve developed our own completely unique and original narrative for storytelling on Facebook:



In the main roles, we see Wagner fans with their favorite pizzas in normal everyday situations, experiencing that special Wagner moment with a charming script and a twinkle in the eye.

Wagner Pizza Post Smartphone

The next step is all about efficiently marketing the content by means of test-based, segment-specific media control. Through three types of tests, posts are played out on different channels in different segments with varying creatives.

We then use the relevant KPIs (eCPC, ad relevance score, engagement rate) to determine which combination is right for the rollout and advertise it with the bulk of the budget – this avoids unnecessary budget being invested in wrong channels or creatives. The findings are documented in the reporting and they form the basis for future decisions.

Wagner AB Testing

Our results: After only a short time, the eCPC was reduced by 36% – and the engagement rate rose by a whopping 40%. And we still haven’t reached the end of the Wagner story – we’re learning valuable lessons from each new test and/or post, helping us to continually optimize the creatives and KPIs – and thanks to these good results, we’re delighted that we can implement additional, integrated social campaigns.

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