Driving sales with WhatsApp: The power of messenger commerce

In today's fast-paced world, counting on outdated channels like phone and email is simply not enough to keep up with customer expectations.
Christina Büsching

Are you still relying your CRM on e-mail marketing? In today's fast-paced world, counting on outdated channels like telephone and email is simply not enough to keep up with customer expectations. We understand the importance of staying connected, being available, and delivering quick responses. But how do you tackle this? We present possible ways to crack the code!

Picture this:

You have two major challenges when it comes to communicating with your valuable customers. Firstly, the vast number of communication channels often leads to frustration for potential buyers. If their email inquiries go unanswered for days, they quickly seek alternatives, risking misunderstandings and missed opportunities. It's a chaotic situation when you juggle multiple channels simultaneously. 

But wait, there is more! The second challenge lies in traditional email newsletters. Once a cornerstone of marketing strategies, they now face hurdles with tracking regulations and diminishing open and conversion rates. Email marketing is losing its shine, and we need innovative solutions to overcome these challenges. 

Let's dive into the game-changing solution that awaits us! 

The Demand for Communication: WhatsApp Newsletter Messages  

Say goodbye to weak email open rates of under 30%. It's time to embrace WhatsApp newsletter messages, where open rates exceed 90%. What's more, most internet users are fond messenger users, with WhatsApp reigning as the undisputed champion in Germany, boasting an 87% user base.

With a breathtaking 70% daily usage rate in 2021, WhatsApp is the go-to platform for engaging your target audience. But here’s the real magic: messenger marketing opens a user base that other channels can only dream of, appealing to all target groups. Customers hope for direct communication and seamless purchasing experiences. No wonder mobile commerce sales are experiencing a staggering annual growth rate of 25% (Statista).  

But how do we start a dialogue with the customer?  

The WhatsApp Business Platform (API): Your Gateway to Success 

Say hello to the WhatsApp API, the ultimate tool for connecting with your target audience via the world's most popular messenger. With the API, you can send WhatsApp newsletters that are 100% data protection compliant. WhatsApp won't access users' address books, and all messages are sent securely and encrypted. Plus, contacts provide their consent through an opt-in process, aligning with crucial data protection regulations. 

The private WhatsApp app is off-limits for businesses. The business app, on the other hand, does not guarantee data protection and is only meant for small businesses for direct communication. Choose the right platform wisely! 

Building Customer Relationships: A Messenger Marketing Game Changer 

Great customer service is the cornerstone of long-term loyalty and acquisition. WhatsApp forms an intimate connection with your target audience, whether they are prospective buyers or loyal customers. It's the perfect channel to provide the support and guidance they crave. The seamless communication, ability to share images and documents, and even place orders elevate the shopping experience. By reducing shopping cart abandonment, you foster customer loyalty. Moreover, combining communication channels brings much-needed clarity and enables efficient teamwork. From the first point of contact to a successful order, WhatsApp guides your customers every step of the way. 

The WhatsApp Target Group: Personalization is Key 

Randomly bombarding customers with WhatsApp campaigns is a recipe for disaster, leading to spam complaints and tarnishing your brand image. Instead, target your campaigns to specific customer segments. Tailor your messages to: 

  • Shopaholics who crave current offers 
  • Regular customers who appreciate campaigns centred around their favourite products 
  • Match your campaigns accordingly to achieve the best success rates 

Remember, the most impactful campaigns are those that deliver what subscribers genuinely care about. Opt-in and opt-out options give customers complete control over the content they receive. Simultaneously, it ensures that your campaigns focus more on those who will benefit the most and convert. 

Time is Money: Embracing Efficiency with Chatbots 

Scalability is the name of the game. Manual conversations between employees and customers are outdated. Enter chatbots, the superheroes of standardized workflows. They effortlessly handle processes, answer questions, and ensure smooth interactions. Artificial intelligence takes centre stage, but fear not—there are mechanisms for a seamless "human handoff," transitioning from bots to humans when needed. The result? Enhanced dialogue and real-time engagement. 

A wide range of Possibilities: Messenger Marketing's Infinite Potential 

No matter the shape of your customer journey or sales funnel, messenger marketing has a long list of possibilities available. It seamlessly integrates into your customer's experience, spanning individual touchpoints or the entire journey itself. Let's explore a few examples based on a standard customer journey: 

  • Awareness: Generate buzz with Messenger Ads or Sponsored Posts, leading users directly to Messenger or via social networks. 
  • Consideration: Keep customers in the loop with messenger newsletters or personalized recommendations via chatbots. 
  • Conversion: Close the deal directly through WhatsApp, using messenger payment options like PayPal. 
  • Retention: Even after a sale, you can continue providing value by delivering relevant information and promotions via messenger. 

Conclusion: The Messenger Marketing Revolution Awaits 

Messenger marketing is not an alternative to existing communication channels but an integral part of a comprehensive, user-centric strategy. To unlock its true potential, you need a well-crafted communication strategy tailored specifically to WhatsApp's characteristics—think shorter, punchier texts.

Avoid random messaging; instead, segment your audience and deliver the most relevant information. Look no further than the successful example of Cocomore, whose product test campaign for a consumer goods corporation via WhatsApp informed customers about shipment details and encouraged them to provide feedback or rate the product. 

Embrace the power of messenger commerce. Let WhatsApp revolutionize your customer communication, elevate your sales, and build lasting relationships. It is time to pave the way for a brighter, more connected future! 

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