Drupal 8 is here - come and join us at our release parties

Jesus Sanchez Balsera
As you all probably know, Drupal 8 will finally be released on Thursday 19th. We have been looking forward to that event here in Cocomore, as everyone involved in the great community of Drupal and, as it will happen in a great number of cities around the world, we will be celebrating!

Image from http://www.drupical.com/

In Frankfurt, our colleagues from the head office will join the Frankfurter Drupal community to drink some beers and share the excitement, talking about experiences with the past betas and release candidates, and the future to come. If you happen to be close please join! https://groups.drupal.org/node/488518

In Sevilla, our collegue Jose Luis Bellido will deliver a session about the new features of Drupal 8 and then everyone will go to have some drinks together. At this moment about 40 people are planning to join! If you can attend please sign up in the event page https://groups.drupal.org/node/488518. It will be a blast!

Finally, I will be in Cordoba, my hometown, talking about Drupal and Drupal 8. Because there is not a Drupal community itself that I know there this session will be a little bit different, showing not only all the new and shiny features of Drupal 8, but also all the great things that made us love Drupal before! So it will be a really special day for me. If you want to join me please sign up here. After that we will have some time to talk all together and, of course, have some drinks.

I hope that you can join and say hello or, at least, have fun anywhere you are!

About Jesus Sanchez Balsera

Jesus Sanchez Balsera has been working as a Software Developer in the Spanish Cocomore-Team since February 2013. On his job he especially appreciates the intercultural cooperation with different people: some more creative, others more focused in Management and then again others working as coders. With his work Jesus solves problems and delivers challenging web-solutions. Thereby he helps people and companies to have a voice in the world wide web. Jesus has been working as a Software Developer from the start of his career on and specialized on Drupal at his last company.