DrupalCon 2016 – Dublin here we come

Jesus Sanchez Balsera

Next week two Cocomories will travel to Dublin to attend this year’s European DrupalCon. Carsten Müller and I are really looking forward to join the community again and to contribute and learn as much as we can about Drupal. There’s just no better place for that and of course we’ll have a blast!

The event will be held at the Convention Centre Dublin. There will be a lot of different sessions, divided by three levels and 14 different tracks, so it’s fair to say that everyone will be able to find an interesting one at almost any given time. Check the official program and if that’s not enough you can attend one of the numerous BoF’s. What’s a BoF, you ask? As stated in the DrupalCon official site, “Birds of a Feather”-Sessions (BoFs) are informal gatherings of like-minded individuals who wish to discuss a certain topic without a pre-planned agenda.

Then, you also have the opportunity to join the code sprints, for contributing something back to the Drupal project and the big ecosystem of contributed modules. Remember that you don’t need to be a developer in order to participate. In case you have never attended to a sprint there will be mentors to help you. And don’t be afraid: new people are always welcome. You will learn a lot and it will be fun! Check the official website to get more information.

I have already added some sessions to my schedule. I’m really interested in how panels and layouts in general work in Drupal 8. Luckily there are some sessions covering that, like “How to create content layouts in Drupal 8”. I’m also really looking forward to see “Advanced web services with JSON API”, to learn about Commerce in Drupal 8 and even to start finding out about “How the routing system could work in Drupal 9”.

After writing the article I’m even more pumped about the event. Please say hello if you see us there! :-)

About Jesus Sanchez Balsera

Jesus Sanchez Balsera has been working as a Software Developer in the Spanish Cocomore-Team since February 2013. On his job he especially appreciates the intercultural cooperation with different people: some more creative, others more focused in Management and then again others working as coders. With his work Jesus solves problems and delivers challenging web-solutions. Thereby he helps people and companies to have a voice in the world wide web. Jesus has been working as a Software Developer from the start of his career on and specialized on Drupal at his last company.