Questions and answers on the sale of our subsidiary Kairion to ProSiebenSat.1


Cocomore has just sold a subsidiary, Kairion, to ProSiebenSat.1. What does Kairion do?

Kairion makes it possible for clients to advertise in online shops and outside them using shopper data. It enables advertisers to target specific purchasing interests and communicate with customers all the way to the point of sale (PoS). Kairion supplies the necessary technical platform and provides an organization for supporting online retailers, organizing ad campaigns and managing sales to advertising clients.


How big is Kairion?

Kairion is currently the market leader in e-commerce advertising outside of Amazon, where two thirds of e-commerce takes place. However, it also collaborates with Amazon in Amazon’s third of the market. More than 80 online shops belong to the Kairion network, including Computeruniverse, Medikamente-per-Klick and Zooplus. In 2017 alone, Kairion conducted more than 1,000 campaigns for clients like Bayer, Bosch, Klosterfrau, Nestlé, Reckitt Benckiser and Groupe SEB. It currently has 25 employees.


Why did Cocomore establish Kairion in the first place?

The impetus came from our core business as a digital agency. A number of our clients wanted us to conduct promotions in online shops. But this turned out to be difficult, because targeting, inclusion in the customer journey and reporting were major hurdles. At Cocomore we therefore developed a special technology for e-commerce advertising and established Kairion, with the necessary organization and processes. When we saw that we were able to solve not only our clients’ problems but also the problems of an entire market, we decided to spin off Kairion as a separate company. At the same time, we expanded our capabilities in online marketing. But for us, Amazon marketing is more important than for Kairion, which focuses on areas outside of Amazon.


Why has Cocomore sold Kairion to ProSiebenSat.1?

Kairion can offer much more to retailers and advertisers as part of a media group like ProSiebenSat.1. This applies especially to the extension of branding campaigns from television to the point of sale. In addition, there will be synergies with data-based advertising. However, as an expert for online marketing, Cocomore will continue to collaborate with Kairion, a leading advertising platform for e-commerce. Communication with consumers at and near the online PoS will continue to be a focus of our work. The same applies to technical development of large digital communication platforms.

About Cocomore

As an agency for marketing, IT and experience design, Cocomore develops communication, e-commerce and CRM solutions (Customer Relationship Management) with a total of 180 employees at its locations in Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Geneva (Switzerland) and Seville (Spain). Cocomore's customers include Merck, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, Rabobank, Syngenta, Tele Columbus and the European Broadcasting Union. Cocomore has realized projects in more than 30 countries.