Repositioning of a direct insurer

The Captain Future of the insurance sector


To reposition the “Admiral Direkt Versicherung” brand while addressing the market environment – and to completely redesign the brand’s online presence.


To increase the performance of the website, which is the most important sales channel for the conclusion of contracts – and to fill the new corporate design with vibrant, digital life.

The Cologne-based insurance company Admiral Direkt, which specialises in motor vehicle insurance, found itself in a highly competitive market with various direct insurers. We succeeded in helping this branch of Itzehoer Versicherungen to achieve a clear market position. This creates differentiation from the competitors and enables a target group-specific approach. On this basis, we injected new technical and visual life into the brand’s historically evolved image – and enhanced its outdated online presence, which is the most important sales channel of a direct insurance company.

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Admiral direct art
Admiral direct art
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Customer workshop

We started the project with a customer workshop, aimed at gaining as many insights as possible into the brand and the special challenges it faces in the market. In dialogue with the customer, the intensively prepared format created central project foundations, a joint understanding of the task at hand – and the relevant solution.

Paper assets concept for Admiral Direkt
Paper assets concept for Admiral Direkt
Hand holding a mobile phone with the Admiral Direkt website

Repositioning of the brand identity

The project for the repositioning of the “Admiral Direkt Versicherung” brand kicked off with a solidly anchored research phase, during which we examined the market situation and launched an actual/target analysis. We were then able to redefine the brand values and develop a targeted mission statement.

The new corporate design was developed on this basis – and it reflects the new orientation and the defined goals in visual form.

Corporate design

The design principles painstakingly developed on the basis of the repositioning form the cornerstone for the current appearance of the brand. Derived from the company’s values, these principles are the signposts for any future design decisions, guaranteeing a consistent, cross-channel image, which includes all the visual components of the corporate identity such as logo, colours, fonts and the visual language itself

Pattern library with Admiral Direct art
Pattern library with Admiral Direct art
Concept of the Admiral Direkt website on a mobile phone
Concept of the Admiral Direkt website on a mobile phone

Built for success with Drupal

The whole website was built with Drupal to guarantee a robust architecture and flexible extensibility while assuring easy access to content and features for the end user as well as easy handling for the internal team. Thanks to the various applications that we developed on the basis of the new corporate design, the website is the medium that most clearly brings the new image to vibrant life – and it is of course the central and most important communication and sales channel for a direct insurance company. The overall approach, oriented on the users, guides various customers to the products that are best suited to their needs – and the number of contracts concluded on the website saw a major increase shortly after the launch of the new Internet presence.

Concept of the Admiral Direkt website on a laptop
Concept of the Admiral Direkt website on a laptop
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