Digital transformation of booking and services

Lifting the rental of machines to a new level


Redesigning the digital brand and creating a style guide to enable the digital transformation of the booking flow for construction equipment rental including smart self service solutions.


Introducing a digital solution to an analogue-established industry. Creating a platform that can be used from different brands all across Europe.

The Belgian company TVH, the parent company of Mateco, is the largest construction equipment rental company in Europe. The German market served as a proof-of-concept to position all TVH brands on a common technical and conceptual basis throughout Europe, while at the same time ensuring design independence.

The aim was to bring the analogue-oriented construction industry closer to a modern, digital platform for entering and managing bookings. MyMateco was also to become the first point of contact for the widest possible range of sectors of the rental business in the construction industry.

Involved crafts
Service design
UX design
Visual design
Frontend development
Screen concepts for the Mateco website on different devices
Screen concepts for the Mateco website on different devices
one platform
one team
to go-live

User centricity

In line with our user-centred approach, we accompanied and interviewed a number of Mateco customers in their day-to-day environments. These first-hand findings and insights shaped the course of the project from the outset.

In the next step, we derived typical personas that represented the broadest possible ranges of user needs and challenges at different touchpoints. In addition to these customer journeys, we also created an exciting machine journey. To achieve this, we examined the rented product in detail. This enabled us to identify hitherto undiscovered opportunities and optimisation possibilities along the entire rental and transport process.

Concept art for Mateco website
Concept art for Mateco website

Constant usability improvements

In the course of the project, we involved both Mateco customers and Mateco’s back office staff within the framework of use labs. This achieved the best possible result in terms of usability – and enabled us to continuously optimise the author experience.

Concept art gallery
Concept art gallery
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