Content marketing for Nestlé

Spreading the love for food


All in-time, cost-efficient and of high quality.


Time pressure, cost pressure, multiple stakeholders, and technical requirements. And of course, the (internal and external) demand to achieve measurable success with every action.

Efficient in implementation, effective in impact – that’s how we understand content marketing. A service that turns the big wheel as well as the small screws so that our customers’ communication becomes more successful. To achieve this, we have a well-coordinated team, an established processes, a lot of flexibility and a great proximity to our contact persons. Some of our employees also have their own workstations in our clients' offices.

Involved crafts
Analytics & consulting
Content management
Copy & editorial
Frontend development
Social media management
UX design
Visual design
> 2,000
produced and published
> 100 million
reached all over the world
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Marc Kutschera
Marc Kutschera
Executive Board
+49 69 972 69 - 0
How can we support you?