Social media for Original Wagner

Every day is a pizza day!


Development of a narrative for the social media appearances of Original Wagner that is well received by both fans and users.


Realise relevant content that presents a creative image of the brand and enables the ads to deliver as much impact as possible.

We have been designing, texting, animating, illustrating and publishing social media posts for Original Wagner’s Facebook and Instagram presence since 2013. The goal: To create content that users enjoy interacting with, binding them to the brand for the long term. To achieve this, we developed an overarching narrative that was intensively tested to precisely match the target group. This has improved the quality of the posts and made more efficient use of the budget. The result: decreasing costs and increasing rates of involvement.

Involved crafts
in-house test procedure
- 36 %
effective cost per click
+ 40 %
involvement rate

The initial situation

Whether it’s a big player or a small startup, achieving success in social networks is a challenge for every company, because each has to compete with other brands and with many other players to attract the attention of the users. Thus attractive content is an absolute must. It has to move users and help the brand to achieve their business goals. Regular impact on the users over a long period of time is what creates brand loyalty.

Conception of the narrative

The attractive content should of course also reflect the brand itself and what it embodies. This is why we have developed our own narrative for the storytelling of Original Wagner on Facebook and Instagram. In the leading roles: Fans in normal everyday situations with their favourite pizzas, experiencing that special Original Wagner moment thanks to some charming dramaturgy and just a sprinkling of a tongue-in-cheek attitude.

Hand holding smartphone on the Wagner Instagram page
3 smartphones on the Wagner Instagram page

Testing the narrative

To find out how our narrative was being received by social networks, we distributed the content with test-based and segment-specific media control. A selection of posts with different creative concepts were streamed and tested on various channels for different target group segments.

The relevant KPIs (eCPC, ad relevance score, involvement rate) showed us which combinations would perform best – so the budget was only invested in the creative concepts that had achieved the highest performance results.

The results

After only a short time, the eCPC was reduced by 36% and the involvement rate rose by a whopping 40%. We also drew valuable lessons from each new test or post and these helped us to optimise creatives and KPIs even more. Documented in monthly reports, the findings formed in turn a foundation for future decisions.

The narrative, tests and the good results are a win-win situation for both brand and users: The latter are pleased about better contributions in their newsfeed, while the brand profits from a more creative staging scenario and efficient budget use.

Examples of Wagner Instagram posts
Examples of Wagner Instagram posts
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