Digital branding for Pampers DACH

Swiping through the diaper universe


Making Pampers digitally live and grow – owned, paid, and earned, across a wide variety of touchpoints and always as a partner to moms, dads, and babies.


Communicating brand and products in an approachable, honest and inspiring way and strengthening engagement – with relevant content, strategy, and a wink of the eye. Everywhere parents are online.

With 60 years of diaper expertise, Pampers leads in the German baby care market. And the brand pursues a great mission: With their products and measures, Pampers wants to help all babies grow up happy and healthy. This also means being there for the parents and being by their side in their daily baby life.

Since 2009, we have been supporting Pampers in this as their digital lead agency for DACH. With integrated campaigns, relevant and emotional storytelling, CRM, and other activations, we are continuously expanding the brand’s digital presence while always staying at the pulse of moms and dads.

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Advertising and mobile screen for Pampers
Advertising and mobile screen for Pampers
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At digital eye level with moms and dads

Being a parent – this means rushes of happiness, lack of sleep, love, changing diapers, the fear to do everything right, and questions upon questions. More than ever, moms and dads are looking for information and exchange online. Together with Pampers, we meet their needs: We create awareness with campaigns, inform via website, newsletters, app, landing pages, and social media about products, campaigns, and everyday baby life, track down opinions in surveys, and entertainingly create engagement with gamification.

#SchlafDichGroß – “Sleep yourself big”:
Awareness for a sensitive topic

With a variety of campaigns and partnerships, Pampers is committed to helping babies and families who are in particular need of support – for example, premature babies. With claims, texts and imagery, we communicate Pampers’ commitment in a sensitive way and create awareness for this important topic via a landing page, social media campaigns, and mailings.

Advertising and mobile screen for Pampers "Sleep yourself big"
Advertising and mobile screen for Pampers "Sleep yourself big"

Safari on the changing table:
Product Test campaigns

Improved fit plus wild tigers on the diaper? We’ll show that to the strictest of all juries: moms and dads! Right from the launch, parents become competent partners of Pampers – because when it comes to quality, comfort, and safety for their babies, they are guaranteed not to compromise. Their ratings and reviews give other parents valuable feedback directly from their everyday baby life.

Advertising and mobile screen for Pampers
Advertising and mobile screen for Pampers

New diaper, new story:
Product communication with <3

Baby-Dry, Premium Protection, or Harmonie – each Pampers diaper has its special characteristics and addresses the individual needs of babies and parents. We explain all products in a transparent and understandable way and add context and character with the right storytelling. This way, we help moms and dads to make the perfect choice for their little ones in an informed and intuitive way.

Package with illustration from Pampers
Package with illustration from Pampers

Adventure playground living room:
Partner in the pandemic

2020 presented enormous challenges for both parents and children. Together with Pampers, we responded immediately to make the lockdown days without daycare and playgrounds easier for families – with a landing page full of suggestions and tips for activities at home, from cushioning parcourses to craft instructions to specially written read-aloud stories.

Advertising and mobile screen for Pampers
Advertising and mobile screen for Pampers

Guess who’s the winner here?
Communication of the Stiftung Warentest results

It's official: Pampers diapers are best – with first place in Stiftung Warentest! On the very day of the announcement, we go live with the campaign – including landing page, newsletter, app content, social media, and Google Ads.

Advertising and mobile screen for Pampers
Advertising and mobile screen for Pampers

From amazeburp to water birth:
SEO around baby life

At, there is an answer to almost every question from pregnancy to toddlerhood. We help them be found.

Which superhero enchants your home?
Interaction and organic reach

Playing isn’t only for the little ones! Whether new products, special editions, or important news – via story and gamification in quizzes, AR filters, and other playful activations, we bring them onto the screens in an easy and entertaining way.

Advertising and mobile screen for Pampers
Advertising and mobile screen for Pampers
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