Social Media for #WeAreAllUkrainians

Remaining loud for Ukraine


With #WeAreAllUkrainians, Wladimir Klitschko and Tatjana Kiehl have been supporting people in Ukraine since the beginning of the war – and need digital awareness as soon as possible.


To give the ad hoc initiative a strong visual identity within the shortest possible time and to provide it with visibility and a voice to mobilise key supporters.

Right at the start of Russia's war of aggression, Wladimir Klitschko and Klitschko Ventures CEO Tatjana Kiel launch the #WeAreAllUkrainians initiative. It is based in Germany and develops rapidly scalable aid for people in Ukraine and refugees. As a network of highly committed individuals, companies, celebrities and influencers, #WeAreAllUkrainians ensures that all aid will reach those who need it. The decisive factors here are visibility and coverage. As a volunteer partner from the very beginning, we gave Klitschko's voice the digital echo he needed to be heard.

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Raising our voice visually – with a strong corporate identity


The most important thing when launching the initiative: creating a high level of recognisability that directly conveys the cause and has the necessary credibility as well as the potential for going viral.

Wladimir Klitschko and the logo of WeAreAllUkrainians
Wladimir Klitschko and the logo of WeAreAllUkrainians

We combine these challenges in the visual identity: the stylised real palm of Wladimir Klitschko, the graffiti-like Ukrainian national colours and the hashtag #WeAreAllUkrainians visually unite integrity and purpose with ad hoc activism that is motivating and engaging. The raised hand gesture is immediately understandable and easy to imitate – and thus not only shows attitude but is also an important UGC element for influencer and user shares in combination with the specially created story filter.

#WeAreAllUkrainians – Reach for Task Force 4


With Wladimir Klitschko providing the voice from Kyiv, #WeAreAllUkrainians reports on the injustice of war and calls for stance and solidarity with the people in Ukraine. In five task forces, #WeAreAllUkrainians is also organising rapid emergency aid with different focal points: Transport of supplies, offers for refugees, coordination of donations, education and help for mothers!

As part of Task Force 4, we are launching our own Instagram channel with @weareallukrainians2022 and are using an efficient social media strategy as well as high-profile content to push viral awareness-raising, rapid coordination of support and the visibility of important supporters. With success!

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Making a heartfelt project visible


Together with #WeAreAllUkrainians, we developed the complete corporate identity with logo, key visuals, fonts and more – both for the digital appearance and for all offline assets – and established important routines as well as key processes for building a strong community. Thus, a partnership quickly developed, a common mission that went far beyond the launch phase.

WeAreAllUkrainians Designs
WeAreAllUkrainians Designs

The great strength of the initiative lay not only in the expertise of all those involved, but also in the personal values of each individual in the team. With numerous colleagues from Poland and other Eastern European countries, the cost-free support of #WeAreAllUkrainians was a matter close to our hearts, and we are proud and grateful that we were allowed to be part of this courageous initiative. Because: #WeAreAllUkrainians!

Nicole Steven, Chief Marketing Officer

"Cocomore was one of the first volunteer supporters of the then initiative and now gGmbH #WeAreAllUkrainians. The team's excellent work and commitment over almost 6 months gave us a visual identity and allowed us to scale quickly on social media."

WeAreAllUktainians Social Media
WeAreAllUktainians Social Media