Our statement for diversity, equality and inclusiveness

At Cocomore we are our clients' co-entrepreneurs in creating digital experiences which benefit people. This mission is supported by three characteristics of our company: we are human, entrepreneurial and creative. All three imply diversity: humans are diverse by nature, entrepreneurs thrive by doing things in new, different ways and creativity demands diversity of ideas.

Therefore, Cocomore is committed to developing a diverse and inclusive workforce. A workforce guided by mutual respect and a team spirit which embraces diversity and equality. To this end, we hire, promote and reward based on contribution to our success and regardless of ethnicity, social background, religion, convictions, views, opinions – as long as they do not preclude respect for the other – gender identity, age, disability, sexual orientation, and national origin.

We are not perfect but we strive to improve. We see inclusion not just as an HR policy. We also see it as actions which each of us can take anytime and anywhere. At Cocomore inclusion is about openness to what is different and new. It is about speaking up and listening. It is about genuine interest in people inside and outside Cocomore.