CIAM: all customer data under one roof

Customer data is of immense importance for every company. Therefore, Customer Access and Identity Management (CIAM) is an essential requirement in modern marketing. CIAM solutions not only enable the secure collection of customer data, but also offer a seamless customer experience.

Users are leaving more and more data on the network – on a wide variety of channels and devices. Unpopular password queries, cumbersome registration forms and complicated proofs of identity are a real frustration factor. And the user data is often distributed to several silos in complete isolation from one another. In addition, there is the aspect of security: new laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) establish clear rules for the handling of data, to which every company must adhere. Strong CIAM solutions make all data centrally and securely available – through functions such as self-service account management, single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA) and end-to-end encryption (E2EE).

A real competitive advantage

There is virtually no alternative to a CIAM solution – because every company benefits from the precise knowledge of its customer relationships, extensive automation of processes and legally compliant handling of customer data. With a mature CIAM solution, companies get more out of their data and save additional bureaucratic effort. At the same time, they can offer their customers an environment tailored to their needs within which they can interact with the company. Companies that do not use a CIAM solution, on the other hand, take a real business risk: If they do not meet their customers' expectations regarding customer experience or security, they sooner or later switch to a competitor.

Years of experience

We have many years of international experience on the subject of CIAM – and focus on individual solutions that are geared to the needs of our customers. We do not limit ourselves to a standard architecture, but offer customized, scalable systems in which we combine the best components available. We not only implement a number of systems, but are also an official partner of Gigya – one of the leading CIAM service providers, which is now part of SAP. In addition, we implemented a CIAM solution for one of our FMCG customers, where we operate a system that manages more than 100 million customer records and makes them available to over 20 brands in more than 20 languages – in 157 countries worldwide.

Transparent and measurable

We work with you at eye level from the very first minute – and build a bridge between the different departments, stakeholders and implementers. In doing so, we communicate even complex questions in a generally understandable way. We prioritize the optimal customer experience while ensuring that compliance and corporate interests are protected. Our approach offers you the greatest possible transparency in all project phases – through agile methods and the high value of KYC Analytics. You benefit from journey observations, churn measurements and many other valuable insights into your data pool.

Our services at a glance

  • Discovery Workshops

  • Data Audits

  • CX & UX Optimization

  • Single-Sign-On (SSO)

  • Registration-as-a-service

  • Social Login

  • GDPR Compliance 

  • Privacy by Design

  • Profile and Preference Management

  • Customer Analytics and Insights

  • Third Party APIs and Legacy Layers

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