Omni Channel: measurable, value-driven touchpoint orchestration

Cross-channel business models offer a seamless shopping experience and are increasingly expected by consumers. We help you to successfully and sustainably link your touchpoints with each other based on the measurable value contribution.

Modern omnichannel ecosystems bring with them complex questions: Which touchpoints are interesting for consumers, which channels do they use – and what contribution does a certain channel make to achieving business goals? But that's not all. If you want to be successful in the long term, you should be able to answer a number of other questions: How can interactions between the channels be measured and measures optimized? Which channels can be used to open up new target groups and sales markets? With the answers to these questions, the media budget can then be distributed more sensibly, a cross-channel customer experience implemented and uniform brand communication guaranteed.

Data-driven touchpoint optimization

With our omnichannel expertise and the appropriate tracking and analysis procedures, you can measurably combine your sales and communication channels into a uniform brand experience and thereby increase your sales. We have developed an approach that brings business and customer perspectives together. Using stakeholder and customer journey mapping, we create a touchpoint-role matrix. This makes it possible to define the tasks for achieving the business objectives per touchpoint, taking into account customer needs, and to quantify them using suitable KPIs. A matching analytics framework allows the quantitative analysis of touchpoints and the definition of optimization measures. Based on this, possible results of media and optimization measures can be projected in advance for each touchpoint along the journey and ensure transparent and predictable budget decisions.

Predictability is becoming increasingly important

The increasing number of new touchpoints (e.g. voice interfaces such as Alexa) requires a model with which calculable investment decisions can be made. In addition, consumers now expect highly personalized communication. The more seamlessly this fits into the customer journey, the higher are the chances of a high conversion along the touchpoints: i.e. to get the right target group to buy and build lasting loyal customer relationships. On- and offsite personalization requires knowledge of customer needs at the touchpoints. We can provide exactly this information and automate the personalized communication.

Quick wins with our entry offers

Omnichannel Readiness Workshop

In a joint workshop (four to eight hours), our experts analyze with you whether you already meet the necessary requirements for an omnichannel strategy and implementation plan. On this basis, we outline a tailor-made approach with which you can implement omnichannel holistically and take meaningful development paths.


Customer Journey Workshop

Together with you we define personas, with whose help we work out the central needs and expectations of your customers. We then compare the result with the actual situation at all touchpoints and across all channels.


Check of data and product information

We evaluate your data and product information and analyze whether all systems access a uniform source according to the single-source-of-data principle and thus provide uniform and high-quality data in all output channels. We then evaluate the consistency of the backend and the efficiency of the existing software technology.

Our services at a glance

  • Omnichannel readiness check

  • Further development of business model

  • Definition of personas and target groups

  • Actual-target comparison Customer Journey

  • IT Landscape Evaluation

  • Creation of dashboards and data landscape

  • Implementation of target and analytics framework

  • Touchpoint role matrix

  • Optimization of media donations

  • Marketing Automation

  • Creation of attribution models

  • Testing and optimization

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