Service Design: the user-centered design of the digital transformation

Service Design is an approach that improves the experience of customers, employees and other stakeholders. To this purpose, Service Designers design and optimize processes of a company that have a significant influence on customer journeys. This creates tangible added value for your customers: new or better services and products.

Service Design projects start with a clear objective. However, the path to the goal is explorative. Explorative procedure means, for example, conducting context interviews, interviewing people from the target group at a context relevant place. Many relevant insights arise only from such interviews or other field research methods and often point out ways that were not previously apparent. In addition, such qualitative data has an advantage over quantitative or analytics considerations: It provides information not only about the what, but also about the why.

Service Design

Customer journey – what is it?

A customer journey consists of the possible movements and actions at and between touchpoints of a customer with a company or a brand. The graphical representation is called a map. Like geographical maps, those maps provide orientation, but in this case within a service. The smoother and in the best case the more motivating such a journey is, the better. The goal: to recognize and eliminate obstacles and dead ends (e.g. software errors, long queues) and to recognize and use unused potentials (e.g. free bottle of water in a taxi if you order that taxi via app).


Once this optimized Future Journey has been documented, it can be further developed into a Service Blueprint. This defines which processes have to be changed or newly created in order to implement the Future Journey. Based on Service Blueprints, work packages can be defined, prioritized and equipped with milestones thus the perfect agile project plan is created.

Different types of customer journeys

Customer journeys in User Experience Design usually focus on a digital touchpoint. Service Design considers the interaction of all relevant touchpoints – digital and analog. Customer journey canvas is such a combination of many individual detail-journeys to an overall Journey. Another example: In Omnichannel marketing, customer journeys are used to deliver the right message to communication channels at the right time, for example for the storytelling of a campaign or for a product launch.

Advantages for companies

Service Design is sustainable: Journeys (maps) and blueprints once developed can be used for all future changes and extensions of the customer experience. In addition, the Service Design process is completely scalable: everything is possible, from the small app to the big business idea. And Service Design can already provide valuable insights with little time effort, for example during tests of service and product ideas using rapid prototyping.

Tailor-made, transparent and measurable

We always offer our customers a tailor-made approach: That's why we want to understand the initial situation before we get into the project in concrete terms. Throughout the entire project, we focus on both your company goals and the needs of the users. To this end, we rely on co-creation workshops with all stakeholders, for example, in order to make productive use of their knowledge and creativity. Naturally, in addition to the expertise of our Service Design team, we also draw on the knowledge and experience of all relevant experts at Cocomore.


In our projects we attach great importance to transparency and measurability: All data we evaluate is made available to you in a central location, e.g. in an interactive dashboard.


We can map everything from business development to concrete implementation in the digital channels. And for the implementation of analog measures we not only have strong partners at our locations, but throughout Germany.

Our services at a glance

  • Workshops

  • Design Sprints

  • In-depth interviews

  • Context interviews

  • Cultural probe

  • Mobile ethnography

  • Shadowing

  • Trends & New Technology Analysis

  • Expert Review

  • Personas

  • Stakeholder mapping

  • Business model canvas

  • Value proposition canvas

  • Service Blueprints

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Customer Experience Mapping

  • Prototyping

  • Experience Decision Matrix

  • (Brand) Experience Strategy

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