Cocomore Develops VR-Project for Pain Therapy


Frankfurt am Main (Germany), June 11, 2018 – An estimated twelve to 15 million patients in Germany are suffering from severe or recurring pain. To improve patients’ quality of life and support therapy German digital agency Cocomore has established the project ‘Virtual Reality in Physiotherapeutic and Psychotherapeutic Pain Therapy’ (ViRST). Subsidised by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research the agency creates a multitude of Virtual Reality (VR) applications helping to harness the technology for innovative pain management.


The Frankfurt based digital experts develop advanced VR solutions with an integrated gamification ap-proach seeking to arouse end-users’ self-initiative and commitment in the therapeutic process. “Pain management is all about physical exercise which is by nature difficult for the patient,” outlines Dr. Jens Fricke, Executive Director at Cocomore AG. “The ViRST methodology aims at improving, complement-ing and significantly accelerating pain therapy and related healing processes in a playful manner, espe-cially for elderly people. The virtual scenario helps to unburden therapies while intensifying treatment.


Cocomore’s VR platform uses an analysis and evaluation method which holds a great share in the in-creasing quality in pain treatment. ViRST is continually collecting and analysing medical, technical and economic data sustainably enhancing different applications in the ongoing operation and customizing them to the practical needs of the end-user.


“VR applications have a strong impact on the healthcare industry and the potential to efficiently and profitably solve problems. Due to the interaction of VR and sensor technology, we gain valuable expe-rience contributing strongly to the sucess of future projects, not only for the medical sector,” con-cludes Fricke.


Also participating in the ViRST project are animation specialists metricminds, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence as well as the Charité Berlin, Germany.



We are looking forward to it.

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