Drupal Day Spain in Santander

Christian Lopez

On Saturday 20th, Jesús and I visited Santander for attending the Drupal Day. The Drupal Day is an itinerant event organized by the Spanish Drupal Association with a local Drupal community.

Around 80 drupalistas were there, and we had very interesting session, mostly centered around the new things that are coming with Drupal 8. Is a great thing that more and more people in the Spanish community is getting involved in core contributions and attending international events, and IMHO this is making Spanish events more interesting every time.

Drupal Day Spain Santander Group Photo

For trying to attract more contributors, we celebrated a short sprint the evening before, and some new people were introduced about core development workflows, but could have been better if we could have spent more than just two or three hours. We should iterate on improving that for next events, but was nice anyway.

I presented a session about the new things that come with Drupal 8 in terms of multilingual support, and you can find the slides (in Spanish) at www.slideshare.net/penyaskito/multilenguaje-en-drupal-8-y-la-iniciativa-.... For non-Spanish speakers, is based on Gábor Hojtsy talk in Dublin Drupal Developer Days, and you can find the slides at http://www.slideshare.net/gabor.hojtsy/d8-mi-dublin.

Sessions were recorded, so videos of every session should be available soon in the Spanish Association video channel on Vimeo.

Drupal Day Santander Logo

We want to thank to the local community in Santander, they did a gorgeous job organizing the event and innovating with Drujitos (a blue version of mojito) for the party. And of course, thanks Cocomore for sponsoring our assistance there!


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Christian Lopez is part of the Cocomore Team in Spain since 2012. As a Senior Software Developer he especially enjoys working with Drupal and the Drupal Community, where he is known as penyaskito. In his leisure time he contributes often to Drupal, participating on the Multilingual and Migrate initiatives among other contributions to Drupal 8 and its ecosystem.