• SEO trend outlook for 2023

    The SEO landscape is continually changing. What will be important in 2023, what will stay and how should we adapt to it?
  • Data-Driven Marketing is not the buzz of tomorrow!

    Data-Driven Marketing does not sound too sexy and creative. But actually, it is!
    If you want to successfully do marketing in a digital age and drive your business to new heights, you will have to dive into Data and do Data-Driven Marketing!
  • The Metaverse - the next big trip or 
the next big trap?

    Everybody is talking about it. Old and new gurus are flooding our feeds in the wake of it, and it feels a bit like our pension plan – you better deal with it right now. 
Which we took as an invitation to have a little contraverse about the metaverse.
  • New Work and IT Trends for 2022 Part 1

    Our CTO Ela Meier and Drupal Development Director Jesús Sánchez Balsera will give some insights on how New Work and IT trends will influence the agency world in 2022.
  • Facebook share collapses - What social marketers need to know now

    The surprising turn in Facebook's success story shows how much the world of online marketing is changing, and that some apparent rules do not apply anymore. But what does this shock mean for marketing professionals and the marketing industry?
  • Three new feed options for Instagram: the chronological feed is back!

    All good things come in threes – that seems to be the new motto for Instagram in 2022.
    Besides the option of a chronological feed (which takes us back to the gold old days of Instagram), the app is testing 3 different options of feeds for you to pick. Read on to find out what that means.
  • Designing workshops for digital inclusion

    We like to share our experiences in designing remote workshops with low digital barriers. Thereby facilitating that participants with limited digital and creative skills can participate. We believe that for many organizations this is an important first step to learn and build a digital working culture which is essential for the digital transformation of work processes.