Hybrid working models at Cocomore

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that working from different locations is the future. And most of all, staying open-minded for new work concepts.
Sandra Bloem

Due to our open home office policy and our different locations within Germany and Spain, we at Cocomore were already used to working remotely as teams. However, we still had our office spaces open to any co-worker that wanted to work from there. And most teams did.

Moving forward to 2020, the world was hit by a pandemic, and we all know what happened then: home office was the only option to limit personal contacts, and we were forced to work solely remotely. And we, of course, followed this trend and made sure to keep our teams safe.

Now in 2021, we finally could open our doors again. But nonetheless, working from home was still an option. We also gained new colleagues from other parts of Europe and in new cities that are working from their hometowns.

It was very clear that we won't go back to an “old normal”, and we wanted to break boundaries and embrace the freedom of working from anywhere, because we know it is possible. But we also wanted to keep the close relationships within the teams. We decided to try out a hybrid system that includes the possibility of going to an office space and working from home. But we also realised that our office spaces needed a change.

So how can you combine a central point to connect with the freedom of remote work?

This is when Mindspace (literally) crossed our mind, and we arranged a flexible office option that made everyone happy, all-around Europe, but most importantly, with our office area open to any colleague who wants to come and work from there. With that, we did not only open 2 new locations with Mindspace in Berlin and Hamburg, but also changed our office space in Frankfurt, and will change further spaces soon.

As the ultimate plus, our colleagues can now work from other countries that have Mindspace-offices with our designed agreement as well, so they are not limited to our locations. This also means we can find the best talents anywhere possible. Our HR team is expanding their search radius to find the best match of employees we need to satisfy our clients’ needs. And we understand that a multinational team leads to fresh and innovative ideas – either from the comfort of their homes or in our flexible offices.

What will the future of our offices look like?

We are sure that working remote, traveling whilst working with a stable internet connection, and international networking is the future we are focusing on. And it is also what our creative colleagues enjoy. Nonetheless, offering a team-oriented space to connect with their peers is also beneficial for both, employee and employer.

Are you ready for this new work style?

Then come and join us on our journey and check for job offers here!

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Sandra Bloem

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Sandra joined Cocomore in June 2021 as a Corporate Communication Manager. She is part of our Seville Office team and constantly raves about the tapas in her new home country. Besides exploring Spain with her camera, she enjoys learning new languages, discussing movies and TV shows (she studied something with media *cough*), and spends her time cracking the algorithm of Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.