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Cocomore's first project on Opigno is soon going live.
Manuela Meier
Sandra Mehler Baier
Sandra Mehler Baier
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In an ever faster changing world people work from many places and innovation develops all aspects of life further and further. Learning wherever you are has become more than just a commodity: we at Cocomore view this approach as a necessity.

For a long time, e-learning platforms had a slightly dusty image. One might have thought of lone clicking through slides, a compulsory task, but not something you actually would learn from. Modern platforms like Opigno have set out to correct that.

A landmark project on Opigno for our long-term client the German Multiple Sclerosis Society

The Drupal-based learning platform Opigno offers more than boring slide-clicking. As a leading international provider of Drupal development and services we had come to appreciate Opigno’s specific benefits: The open source LMS (Learning Management System) sets its focus on user experience. The platform is completely customizable, offers adaptive learning paths, has a customizable dashboard for every user, makes it easy to track achievements and works on all devices. Sounds good? That's what we thought. And so we realized a landmark project on Opigno for our long-term client the German Multiple Sclerosis Society (Deutsche Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft, DMSG).

The project took its start from the MS Connect platform, which Cocomore had set up for DMSG already in 2018, also based on Drupal. MS Connect is a social network connecting people affected by multiple sclerosis in a safe environment with functionalities catering to the specific needs of people with chronic diseases. In order to supply users with tools to better handle their daily life, an online course on self-awareness is part of the platform’s offer. Due to its success, there was a demand for more online courses. As a solution, we decided to set up a complete learning platform based on Opigno. Now, a course consists of interactive modules made up of diverse content types: e.g. text/image content, videos, multiple choice tests, audios, or true/false questions. More than 20 content options are offered out of the box. And integrations of e-learning frameworks like H5P, Scorm and TinCan bring an even wider array of possibilities.

The benefits of using Opigno

In addition, users do not have to be alone on Opigno. There are live meetings, an internal messaging tool, social features allowing to connect with other users, a social wall with like and comment features as well as forums inside trainings. These features make the experience a collaborative one. They were also ready to use when with our initial set-up of the system.

For our client, in addition to offering engaging courses, the e-commerce capabilities were interesting as well: chosen courses can be offered for a subscription fee. All payment gateways compliant with Drupal Commerce can be used. We continue to work intensively with our client to make the most out of the platform for users. This offers us the ongoing opportunity to apply our knowledge of the system while discovering innovative ways to adapt it to specific needs.

We are really happy to be working on this learning platform with DMSG. This is a project that people with multiple sclerosis will be able to actively benefit from – which is a great purpose for our work!

About Manuela Meier

Manuela Meier is Cocomore’s CTO and started at Cocomore in 2003. She is not only responsible for the software developers and architects, and thus also for the continuous evolution of our technical development, but also for the project management team; together with them, she is constantly working on improving our internal processes. She makes sure that we are technological pioneers, that our work is facilitated by good project management and optimal processes, and that the team enjoys its tasks. She’s a cat person who loves music & going to concerts and has a big crush on Andalucía, its people and tapas.

Sandra Mehler Baier

About Sandra Mehler Baier

Sandra is a digital project manager at Cocomore.
She likes to see projects go from ideas to finished products and tries to make every step of the way until they are as smooth as possible.
At the same time, being in contact with clients and teams alike is a favourite part of her job.
The knowledge that digital ideas can easily cross long distances and touch the lives of people everywhere makes her quite happy.

She loves to travel, hike, and capture the world through her camera, but also never declines an evening on the couch. 

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