Making Coffee vs. Creative Design – What I really experienced during my internship at Cocomore

17.05.2016 Kerstin Finke

1st of september 2015

At 9:50 a.m. I am sitting on the couch at the Cocomore office, waiting. I am waiting for my first day of my internship to begin. An internship in a new city, with unfamiliar faces and a very different daily work routine. And then it begins: Marina walks me to the first floor and shows me my work station: computer, mouse, graphic tablet and telephone - everything is ready to go. And now? Now I have to acquire a rough overview. Phone numbers, e-mail addresses, names, many faces and even more projects are running through my head and make me a little nervous. Do I have to remember all of this right away and where can I find this folder again, that Romina just talked about? And then, as if they knew about my anxiety, I receive my first task and it is clear, easy, and organized - the preparation of a business card for a Cocomore employee.


Settling in and arriving during the first few weeks

After a few weeks my way to Cocomore has become part of my routine. The projects havent. Again and again I receive tasks for unfamiliar projects, that are diverse and very different. That means a work day can start with a four-hour preparation of an individual Facebook post and is followed by the design of a website teaser. During all this I am supported by the whole creation team and am learning something new every day. Huge obstacles and seemingly unsolvable problems become trivial matters and natural processes.



After five months

… I have arrived in the new year and with that at the final stretch until my internship ends on February 29th. As unknowing as I partially was before my approaching internship, as far away the daily routine of university and my bachelor thesis now seems. Tasks, e-mails, phone calls, briefings, and meetings have become a part of my routine work day, as well as many fun moments with great colleagues, walks during lunch break and what seemed like a weekly birthday cake in the kitchen.

Oh, and making coffee luckily is something that everybody can do on their own at Cocomore!