New platform for Parkinson-affected

Healthcare Marketing reports how the German Parkinson's Association and Cocomore want to support Parkinson's patients and their relatives with a digital communication platform.

In times of social distancing and beyond: With the internet portal a protected space has been created for those affected and their relatives, in which an open, unreserved exchange about Parkinson's disease and all its accompanying symptoms can take place. It is a cooperation of the German Parkinson's Association and Cocomore with the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK). The challenge for all those involved was to find out what expectations and requirements the audience has of this kind of get-to-know-you platform. Friedrich Wilhelm Mehrhoff, Managing Director of the German Parkinson's Association, explained to Healthcare Marketing that it was particularly important to protect the privacy of the users. While the Association is responsible for the content, Cocomore is in charge of the development, realization, technical operation and maintenance. "This project is not only a matter of the heart to us, but also an opportunity to contribute our expertise in IT, technology and service design to a good cause," says Cocomore CEO Dr Hans-Ulrich von Freyberg. "More associations of chronically ill people need similar digital services today. It is up to health and digital politics to create a corresponding infrastructure that serves all chronically ill people. The technology of 'Mit-Parkinson' can be the core for this."

You can find out exactly how works and what features users can expect in the detailed article.