TikTok "Text Posts" is here to enhance creativity!

Social media is not lost for words!
First Twitter, a.k.a. X, then Instagram’s Threads and now TikTok’s text posts.
Sandra Bloem

TikTok is next to jump on the text trend by launching the option of only posting text. Let’s analyse it a bit further.


Why is TikTok doing it?

After Threads broke the record as the quickest and most downloaded app, TikTok could not resist adding text only as a feature to its app.

Officially, they say the launched text posts only to make “it easier than ever to share text content” and to “simplify creation”. With this feature, they want their creators to “share their stories, poems, recipes, and other written content on TikTok.” No need for video or photography skills, no need to show yourself. Everyone can do it. 

TikTok's creators already used text stickers on top of videos and pictures to share their thoughts, and now it’s even simpler. 

Source: www.newsroom.tiktok.com

What can you do with it?

Additional tools you can use with it are stickers, tags and hashtags, background colours, and sounds.

Should your Brand jump on it?

There would not be any harm in using this additional feature. However, resharing what your Brand has already shared on other social networks might be contra-productive. Choosing what kind of content should go on any channel is the first thing to do. And, of course, trying it out, analysing results and coming up with a conclusion is the way to go!

By the way, TikTok already launched a text-pinteresty app a while ago. Read all about it here.

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