Why businesses really need a professional digital copywriter

Word wizard, language nerd or human text cleaver. We will name the reasons why a digital copywriter is a must-have for businesses!
Ela Hoffman
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Many copywriters when they talk about their job are met with vacant stares, even by their own families. And when you add the word “digital”, forget about it! Digital copywriting is a delicate, difficult job, it’s a balancing act of content, copy, SEO and holding reader’s attention. Traditional copywriting is considered as the process of creating text or “copy” for advertising media and materials, digital copywriting takes that a step further.

Digital copywriter in their natural habitat

Copywriting itself is often pretty straightforward, it is the writing of text for printed ads or scripts for TV and radio adverts. Digital copywriting, in contrast, takes things to a whole other level. In some ways digital and traditional copywriting are similar in that it is writing copy for marketing purposes. Texts are created to tell a story, to create meaningful relationships between brands and consumers. Digital copywriting is much more delicate as digital consumers are always in control of what they see, when they see it and how they respond to it.

When you write text for a website the aim is to direct copy to your preferred audience in a way that stops them losing interest, swiping, or scrolling past. Social media is even harder! Unlike long copy, like a blog post or a news article, social media posts need to be catchy and have maximum impact in a limited amount of text. Character limits force writers to become human cleavers, chopping and changing copy to be as succinct and impactful as possible.

What is a digital copywriter?

A digital copywriter is someone who writes exclusively for online audiences. They are special in they never put pen to paper and instead use their keyboard to create content of different types like web pages, blogs or social media. Content writers know how to blend the essentials of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) with creative the art of writing that is engaging enough to attract new customers and keep interest of digital consumers. They specialise in promoting businesses and brands via a digital platform, something that is much easier said than done.

At Cocomore, we have a great team of digital editors that write digital copy for our clients. They are skilled, work fast and can write copy in multiple languages. They make the experience concise, memorable and fun for our clients, helping them to reach their KPIs and communication goals.” – says Sabine Mietzner, Editorial Director at Cocomore.

When your content marketing strategy meets a right professional

A digital copywriter is much more than just someone who “writes copy”. Crafting clever, eye-catching text to draw in customers to a product or service is just the beginning. Digital copywriters are also adept at proofreading and editing their own and other’s texts. They can help identify and understand a defined target audience and desired message. Digital copywriters are always trying to attract the reader and can tailor their text for target clientele.

Here are some of the most popular ways that a digital copywriter helps with content marketing strategy:

Blog Articles

Blogging is a tried and tested marketing tactic. It is the basis for building a loyal subscriber base that increases traffic bringing new leads. Blogs can build relationships with subscribers that revisit with each new post. Professional information and advice build trust, making your site the user’s go to source.

Unprofessional or poorly translated copy can make your message muddled, losing reader interest and clicking away. Digital copywriters use the right words and phrases to drive your site to the top of any search engine.

Website Landing Pages

Your landing page is essentially your shop window, it is the first thing visitors see to decide if they want to go any further. A boring or cluttered shop window won’t attract customers and it’s the same for your website’s landing page.

Digital copywriters are experts at making SEO friendly landing pages. They can craft a concise, bloat free copy that will greatly increase chances of conversion. The right choice of words impacts sales and your site’s Google ranking. Clear and concise copy speaks directly to potential clients. Only when a visitor can identify what your business is about can they decide if your business is what they want.

Social Media Copy

Adverts need clicks, but not any clicks, you need to attract the right people with the highest chance of sales. This is where a digital copywriter comes in, they know how to choose the best copy and use the limited space to make the biggest impact possible. They work to choose the best words and phrases to attract potential clients and increase your target audience.

Trust digital copywriters to maximise growth and reach goals

As you can see, a digital copywriter is crucial to any business looking for a strong online presence. A digital copywriter will produce copy that will increase traffic to a website and convert strangers into loyal clients. Don’t sell your business short, always rely on a professional digital copywriter to convey messages, goods and services in the best way possible.

If you are searching for a new challenging career in copywriting, do not hesitate and apply now!

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Ela joined the Cocomore team in January 2021.She loves catchy phrases, but equally adores beautiful images and has a passion for combining text and image to create powerful messages.

Never bored, she has an "octopus" personality with endless curiosity, having worked as a marketing communications expert, linguist, editor, designer, photographer, and art teacher. She has won various awards including for visual poetry, product design, CSR campaigns and was very proud to have her drawings exhibited recently. At Cocomore she likes to use her combined experience from all these fields to help create enduring, impactful messages.