Drupal: customized and secure content management

Drupal is a powerful and highly scalable open source CMS. We have been developing websites of all sizes with Drupal for over ten years.  And can therefore fall back on a large expertise from which you profit directly.

Drupal is one of the most comprehensive and widely used open source content management systems. The source code is openly available and there are no license costs – a big advantage compared to proprietary CMS. Drupal is recognized as an enterprise-level CMS and thus on the same level as Adobe Experience Manager or Sitecore. At the same time, Drupal has one of the largest and most active developer communities, continuously expanding its functionality and reliably closing potential security gaps. Thanks to these tangible benefits, more than one million organizations, including Tesla Motors, Pfizer and Harvard University, are already using Drupal.

The advantages of Drupal at a glance

Free of charge

There are no license costs for the CMS – neither for the provision nor for the running operation.


An industry-leading global security team identifies and eliminates potential threats – while making the CMS very future-proof.


Drupal is suitable for small appearances as well as for large and highly frequented websites.


Thanks to the API-first approach, the CMS can be easily integrated into a broad ecosystem of existing business applications – and is at least as easy to use.


With a variety of modules, Drupal can also be adapted to very specific customer needs and applications – from a pure content-as-a-service backend platform to a fully integrated CMS.


Easy creation and administration of different language versions for international websites as well as several websites based on one platform.


One of the leading Drupal full-service agencies

We have more than ten years of experience with Drupal and currently employ over 25 Drupal developers, project managers and producers in our offices in Frankfurt and Sevilla. Our employees are actively involved in the Drupal community – and contribute to the CMS core and develop modules. As a Drupal Service Provider, we provide complete service and support around Drupal: from requirements engineering including UX/UI and design development, to sizing, setup, module development, customizing, training, hand-over or operation. We are always up to date, thanks to our excellent networking in the global community.

Holistic entrepreneurial approach

We understand your business and act entrepreneurially in your interest. And that starts with the objective: Which results should a Drupal-based platform bring, how should it be integrated into the corporate strategy and on the basis of which key figures do we measure success? We align the entire process (design, implementation, operation) to achieve the business objectives and the previously agreed KPIs. We combine our Drupal know-how with our other disciplines - from digital strategy and experience design to content creation. Everything from a single source. And thus make a verifiable contribution to your company's success - that's how we measure ourselves.

Certified Acquia Partner

Acquia is a company providing commercial support services to Drupal, led by Drupal founder Dries Buytaert. Acquia offers useful additions to Drupal's pure open source stack, especially in the enterprise sector, for example in marketing automation and personalization. Forrester ranks Acquia and Drupal in the top segment ("Leading") of web content management offerings alongside Adobe. We are a certified partner of Acquia and can therefore offer enterprise services and extensions such as Lift (personalization, marketing automation), Journey (customer journey orchestration) as well as hosting and support.


Our services at a glance

  • IT Strategy Development

  • Requirements engineering

  • Proof-of-concept 

  • Drupal architecture

  • Module development and maintenance

  • Frontend Development

  • E-commerce integration

  • Trainings 

  • SLA implementation 

  • Maintenance and operation

  • System migrations

  • Content migration

  • Content entry

  • Current configuration

  • System reviews

  • Load and penetration tests

  • Automated and manual QA 

  • Analytics implementation

  • Dashboard configuration

  • A/B testing 

  • Project management

  • Consulting

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