Homeoffice + office = blended work

Cocomore Senior Service Designer Nicole Reinhold introduces the concept of "Office as a Service" and gives tips for the implementation in the HR Journal.

Since spring 2020, remote work has been part of everyday professional life for many of us. The time has come to take a closer look at processes, technologies and work culture: How is it running and how can employees and companies benefit from it?

The best of both worlds

Homeoffice or office? Why not combine the two? This "Blended work" concept is a new, efficient and more sustainable form of collaboration with modern software and a cloud infrastructure for a smooth and uninterrupted working environment. For the initial implementation it is helpful to use classic service design methods that are otherwise used to design services and digital products. They serve to identify problems and involve the user in the conception process. Something that can easily be applied to the design of a new work culture. The concept of 'Office as a Service' is born! It is based on the six phases of a process in service design.

Understand: Is there a snag somewhere? This is where the work context, including the stakeholders, is analysed and problem areas are defined. The options of homeoffice or presence work are listed in a value-free way.

Conceive: In this step you illustrate how the 'blending' of work can be implemented. The aim is to work out solutions, adopt them and adapt new positive change.

Define: Frameworks are important! Companies should weigh up how much commitment they really need and where individual flexibility makes sense.

All aboard

Subsequently, the defined measures are tested like a "prototype" in a small circle in order to receive and consider feedback, before they are finally rolled out in the entire company. Important for a successful combination of the respective advantages of home office and presence work: The process should be designed and supported by the management, the HR managers and the employees.

You can read more about the needs of employees and management, why the office should also be a space for a social system and which framework conditions need to be defined in detail here.

The design thinking approach in the process of service design can be used in many ways for innovative products and services of any kind to understand them holistically. Please visit us if you would like to know more about our service design expertise or if you need concrete support in the implementation of innovative processes.