Instagram stories: fast movers find fast ads

Our editor Moritz Hill reveals on why FMCG companies should use Instagram Stories.

500 million users use Instagram stories every day – if you want to be seen, you use them. But does everyone know that? Currently, almost two-thirds of companies' reach comes from their posts in the feed, even though they post an average of two and a half stories per week. But those who make the most of the story potential increase their visibility even more and gain likes for their own brand.

Love at first sight

Instagram stories are perceived by users as more authentic than feed posts. That's why they make it easier to strengthen the bond with consumers. To make the high-format photo and video snippets profitable, they should be absolute eye-catchers – after all, they disappear after 24 hours. The first few seconds of an Instagram story are particularly crucial, because three-quarters of all clips are not watched to the end. That's why everything has to be to the point: a strong message, the timing, the content, and the targeting.

Sales push for fast-movers

If you enhance the stories with engagement calls and gimmicks such as small polls, quizzes or everyday questions, you will be rewarded even more with higher brand identification by consumers. Distributors of fast-moving consumer goods in particular should integrate Instagram stories into their marketing and communications strategy and tell their stories through them. Everyday products, from chocolate bars and trendy drinks to detergents and cosmetics, are often as fast-moving as Instagram stories – making them the perfect match! Pull measures such as adding links via the swipe-up function also boost the conversion rate – and for even better performance, it's a good idea to work with credible influencers.

Detailed information on the topic and illustrative examples can be found in the accompanying article. Haven't found the right story for your company yet? We're happy to help you with our Content-as-a-Service approach.