Lost in translation? Never again with Instagram Story Translation

Regularly, we like to report on the newest social media updates you need to know about! This time, we will dive into new Instagram updates, that will better your user experience immensely with direct story translations.
Sandra Bloem
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No more lost in translation

Being lost in translation has come to an end! Instagram just added one of the most useful features in a long time. After regularly trying to copy other apps, they now launched something completely new and never seen before on social media: the option of translating stories on Instagram into multiple languages with one click, and most importantly, instantly.

Besides the high value of positive user experience, it also helps creators and brands to generate a bigger following, since translations of texts are not limited to posts anymore but also possible in the beloved stories. That means, it is most likely that people from other countries won’t hesitate to follow creators due to language barriers anymore.

Just a click on the text in the left corner on "see translation" in the viewed story, and the caption in the preferred language immediately appears.

This feature has not been rolled out to all users yet, but will come in the future. Also, it is still in a working process to guarantee a 100% correct translation, but so far, it seems to be a well-performing tool with a lot of potential for brands and creators on Instagram. It is also very likely that new features will be able to translate audio files in future updates, too.

Visual example on how to see translated text in Instagram Stories

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