Super Bowl: The engagement scorer

For TV commercials, the Super Bowl is a record coverage guarantor, but, as our CCO Matthias Schäfer shows on t3n, thanks to social media, even small brands can benefit from the mega-event.

The annual Super Bowl impresses not only with the best football and Tom Brady, but also with clever marketing campaigns. The prestigious sporting event dominates on TV as well as on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Co. But how can small brands get a slice of this big engagement pie? With the help of these 4 tips:

  1. Social rules, mobile wins
    Weeks before the Super Bowl, it's THE topic on the web – and it's worth tracking. Which hashtags are circulating, which ones are working? How and where is my target audience interacting? Where and how can I jump on the train? If you want to score, analyze and optimize.
  2. Go the full distance
    The game does not start with the kickoff. If you are involved in communication early on, you will benefit from the hype for even longer. The important thing is to deliver relevant content in order to boost engagement.
  3. The right content strategy
    And what is relevant content? Die-hard fans prepare meticulously for the big event. Snack and drink tips or predictions and polls on the outcome of the game always pull, but the field is far wider. The best indicator of topic relevance: the Trending Topics. And then quickly contribute – maybe even with a matching influencer.
  4. It’s in the Game
    Gamification approaches such as "celebrity bingo" for commercials are best suited to sustainably engage target groups. This way, your brand can be constantly present during the game without having to run a spot yourself.

You can find more examples and details of clever Super Bowl marketing in Matthias' detailed t3n article or let us develop your optimal social media strategy together.