Visible on social stream: a ❤️ for agile

Cocomore CCO Matthias Schäfer reveals to how companies do not get lost in the social swirl.

Offers, preferences, topic trends – the developments in the streams of the major social media platforms change rapidly. Just like influencers and creators, new advertising and targeting opportunities are constantly popping up. If you want to remain visible, you should also consider agile processes for your campaigns on Instagram and other platforms. On the one hand, this creates the framework for quality and authenticity of brand communication, and on the other hand, teams are faster and more flexible.

How to master social agility

  1. Strategy at the start: To ensure the necessary speed in day-to-day business, it is worthwhile to define a social media strategy with individual goals before starting a project. In doing so, sub-goals oriented to the status quo are determined, which can be checked with the help of various KPIs. At the same time, it should be clear which channels the target group uses and which goal can be realized on which platform.
  2. Identify topics: Communicating the core topics of the brand authentically and reconciling them with the interests of the users – that is the key to success. Tips, tricks, how-tos, product tests and challenges bring the community to life, and it is the only way to create the important dialogue with the customer. User-driven content is especially popular with the younger target group: They like to be part of the action.
  3. Scroll stoppers: Competition is fierce, so it pays off to have a distinctive social media CI preventing to be overlooked. This can be, for example, recurring design patterns or multi-faceted social media storytelling, for example with the help of stars and many micro-influencers. Scroll stoppers need a strong framework in which teams can act boldly, quickly and freely. Moral parameters, such as a clear stance on social issues, are just as suitable as visual ones.
  4. Use the calm before the storm: A shitstorm comes quickly and unexpectedly in the unpredictable social media world. However, the fear of it should not paralyze the creativity of those responsible; it is better to be prepared. Here, it is worthwhile to have case-related reaction concepts and emergency plans which also show who is authorized to make decisions in which case and who can be contacted quickly.

Those who are able to reconcile clear guidelines with the requirements of agile working ensure a high pace and an authentic exchange with the users. You can read more about this in the full article here.

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